Tri-Kap Capital Campaign

As the first truly Dartmouth fraternity, Kappa Kappa Kappa has had a valuable influence in the lives of undergraduates since 1842. The fraternity has stood for all that is best in Dartmouth brain, brawn, and spirit for the past 170 years. Over these years, the fraternity has provided thousands of Dartmouth’s finest with a unique campus experience and lifelong friendships while instilling in us the Dartmouth traditions of democracy, loyalty, and service. Kappa Kappa Kappa now urgently needs your help.

We have all passed through the hallowed halls of Tri-Kap, and many of us have called 1 Webster Avenue our home. The home, first opened in 1927, has seen heavy use, has suffered a lifetime of underinvestment and is now in need of significant renovations. Short-sighted thinking on the part of alumni leadership left long term house maintenance with the undergraduates, and the house has slowly degraded over time. The house now needs to be brought up to new federal code and College guidelines. Tri-Kap is now the last of the Greek Societies to approach its alumni for investment in renovations. Every other organization at Dartmouth has completed work on their houses. The time has come for Tri-Kap alumni to ensure future undergraduate experiences not just equal, but exceed our own experiences at Dartmouth.

The Tri-Kap Capital Campaign is our response and our challenge. This campaign is a comprehensive fundraising effort to:

  1. Renovate to bring up to code the facility that serves as the campus home and meeting place for the undergraduates
  2. Expand the facility, upgrading bedrooms and common areas to meet demand and financial burden of renovation
  3. Create an endowment to ensure ongoing financial support for facilities maintenance
  4. Reconnect alumni to promote lifelong brotherhood

Overall, the Tri-Kap Capital Campaign will look to raise $3 million over the next ten years. We call upon our brothers to come forward and support Kappa Kappa Kappa in its time of need. It is time for us to ensure that Kappa Kappa Kappa continues to be a vital part of the Dartmouth College landscape for the next 170 years. The work we do now will ensure that the Society has a modern facility and an endowment to ensure adequate maintenance into the future.

Sunil Bhagavath ’03
Chairman, The Tri-Kap Capital Campaign